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Do you love cranial work? If so, you’ve come to the right place! It is my goal to help you integrate craniosacral therapy into your professional life in an authentic and meaningful way.

The interviews and material in this podcast will boost both your intellectual knowledge and practical skill, helping you to create a fulfilling craniosacral practice. So jump right in, and let me know what you think!

-Ryan Hallford

Episode 156 – Scott Zamurut – A Closer Look at Dr. Rollin Becker’s Contributions to Biodynamic Practice

Scott Zamurut

In this episode Scott Zamurut helps us better understand Dr. Rollin Becker's historical context in manual Osteopathy and his foundational intellectual contributions to biodynamic theory and practice. He elaborates on Becker's history with Dr. William Sutherland and highlights his insights into working with Primary Respiration.

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Episode 155 – Steve Haines – Touch is Really Strange, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises TRE®

steve haines craniosacral

Steve Haines has played an important role in the worldwide expansion of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. His work as an author and Co-Director of Body Intelligence has helped create a whole new generation of practitioners. In this interview he talks about his new book “Touch is Really Strange,” Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) and shares some thoughts on remote work and distance healing.

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Episode 154 – Lori Hendrickson – Craniosacral and Related Approaches for Plagiocephaly

Lori Hendrickson

Lori Hendrickson is a craniosacral therapist from the Minneapolis area. Since 2001 she has been helping babies with plagiocephaly, torticollis, acid reflux, inability to form a good latch wile breastfeeding, tongue, lip and buccal tie restrictions and a myriad of other pathologies. She offers online and in-person workshops that elaborate on the techniques she has developed.

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Episode 153 – Ian Wright – Osteopathy and Our Potential for Health

Ian Wright podcast

Ian Wright is a practicing Osteopath and has been teaching Paediatrics and Cranial Osteopathy internationally for over 25 years. Ian’s experience in osteopathy and his love for health and wellbeing has led him to develop the Dynamics of Stillness methodology.

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Episode 152 – Mindy Totten – Optimizing Your Craniosacral Business … with Intention!

Mindy Totten

Mindy Totten is a craniosacral therapist with a passion for helping other bodyworkers build sustainable and life-affirming businesses. She studied craniosacral work with the Upledger Institute and currently maintains a private clinical practice. Additionally, she helps bodyworkers build full and thriving practices through a variety of group and individual training programs.

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Episode 151 – Ellen Groesser -The European Craniosacral Association Network (ECSAN)

Ellen Groesser

Ellen Groesser has broad professional experience in both business and therapeutics. She holds a MSc degree in biology and has worked in business and marketing management. She eventually found a home in the field of Naturopathy and craniosacral therapy. She is on the Master Therapist list for the German Craniosacral Association, where she served as a board member. She teaches craniosacral work in Germany and other European countries like Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland, and Austria.

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Episode 150 – Liza Borodkin and Dawn Sofia – Sacred ReCreation

Liza Borodkin craniosacral

Liza Borodkin has studied craniosacral work with Franklyn Sills, Mike Boxhall, and other prominent figures in the field. She has also trained in yoga, Vipassana and Transcendental Meditation, and has extensive experience with the Feldenkrais Method and Alexander Technique. As a world traveler, her practice has naturally evolved to a point where the majority of her therapeutic work is now done remotely. In this interview she talks about her history with craniosacral biodynamics and how she has adapted its principles for therapeutic interactions that do not involve physical touch.

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Episode 149 – Cator Shachoy and Christian Current – The Prana Vayus and Primary Respiration

Prana Vayus

For this episode we take a closer look at the prana vayus, the currents of vital force spoken about in the yogic and ayurvedic traditions. Yoga teachers Cator Shachoy and Christian Current explore areas of overlap with primary respiration and craniosacral practice.

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Episode 148 – Etienne Peirsman – The “No Mind” Space

Etienne Peirsman

Etienne Peirsman returns to the podcast to share more about his 30 year history in the field of craniosacral therapy and his approach to teaching. Etienne heads the Peirsman Craniosacral Academy, which has outlets in Europe and the United States. In this interview he discusses many topics relevant to cranial work, emphasizing the importance of being in an instinctual, sensual “no mind” space while employing craniosacral-style touch.

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Episode 147 – Sophie Rieu – My Cranio Sacral Life

Sophie Rieu craniosacral

Sophie Rieu is a biodynamic practitioner who lives and practices in Ireland. Her blog “My Cranio Sacral Life” details her personal and professional experiences through the lens of biodynamic cranial work. Sophie's writing is intimate, poetic, and informative. In this interview she discusses a wide range of topics and how biodynamic theory and practice have changed her life.

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