Episode 71 – Scott Zamurut – Live Teaching on Pre and Perinatal Healing

Scott Zamurut

Scott Zamurut has been an instrumental figure in the unfolding of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy in North America since its earliest introduction by Franklyn Sills. In this episode Scott lectures about the origins of pre- and perinatal healing as developed by William Emerson, Karlton Terry, and Franklyn Sills. He also discusses the nature of shock as applicable to the human system, describing four distinct categories; and finally gives a brief overview of the four stages of birth recognized by the pre- and perinatal healing community.

To learn more about Scott's background check out Episode 38.

In Episode 43 Scott discusses how we define biodynamics.

Scott's email: scott.zamurut@me.com

Scott's training offerings at the Santa Fe School of Massage:
Pre and Perinatal Education: http://www.santafeschoolofmassage.com/pre-and-perinatal-education/