Episode 5 – Excerpts from Judah Lyon’s Biodynamic DVD Series

Judah Lyons DVD Image

This episode consists of two excerpts from Judah Lyon's DVD series on Craniosacral Biodynamics, Vol I.


The first segment is a commentary on the Crystalline Body: 2:35 – 11:05

The second segment is an elaboration on the mindset and experience of the biodynamic practitioner: 11:40 – 27:00

Ryan's synopsis:

The Crystalline Body

When Dr. Sutherland was practicing, as the Breath of Life came into the treatment situation to deliver an event of healing, he described it as liquid light. We now know that connective tissue forms a fluid medium. The collagen fibers that make up the matrix are hollow and filled with fluid that is similar to csf. This is a structured network which forms a fluid-liquid–crystalline matrix that is ordered throughout the body. It responds to frequency and vectors of energy. The vectors may be physical, environmental, emotional, etc. History from any of these vectors is still being organized today. So at times, the client will remember a historical event when a held vector in the crystalline field resolves.

So the collagen fiber field is an assemblage of sheets that form a liquid crystal, very much like a geodesic dome. When force enters the dome, it gets deposited and held somewhere else in the framework. Communication in this network can happen at the speed of light. Communication is immediate and pervasive. Mae Wan Ho, in her book The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms explains the liquid crystalline nature of the body.

So Dr. Sutherland’s experience is being justified in scientific circles today. External vectors are held in density and potential and the whole field is rebalanced as the ordering principle coalesces it in the field forming a protective mechanism. Potency gathers and condenses to center the biokinetic force. The fluids and tissues have to now organize around this force. The resulting response of density in the fluid creates increased density in tissues, and until the original biokinetic forces of crystal memory that created the lesions are released back into the biosphere, suffering remains.

Our job is to assist the body in dealing with inertial forces and help resolve them so the tissues can become more resilient and orient back to the midline and original intention. The energy charged with holding inertia can then be released and used for everyday activities or evolutionary processes.

The Practitioner's Mindset:

There is a mindset that accompanies biodynamic work that separates it from the biomechanical approach. We observe three tides in this model, the most powerful being the Long Tide, which is the Divine Ordering Principle. It can be observed as a 50 second movement into flexion and then 50 seconds in extension. It is observable in many forms of life, as illustrated in the slime mold video from Dr. Seifritz.

It is deep, transformational, and meditative. We often experience love and healing as a byproduct of this awareness.  The long tide helps us to understand the wisdom inherent in creation through a new felt sense and instinctual understanding. When you become aware of the pauses in the Long Tide, you enter very deep meditative states. In these moments we can synchronize deeply with the client and we move from perceiving long tide movement to being moved by it, with it. It is like learning an ancient language that enables us to communicate with the divine ordering principle. It is very special to experience life this way.

We must “get out of the way” in this model of work. We do not grab onto any strata of experience when we move through different tidal states. We need to be careful of any goals we hold while working with the client. Pointed grasping locks us up and is counterproductive in this work. In the beginning we are busy putting labels on things, but we eventually lose that. We become increasingly interest in space, gaps, and stillness. Encountering these sensory realities changes us. It brings us home, but leaves us in mystery. It is powerful.

We search for the health in the system. We aren’t looking for the problem, we are looking for health. Spend some time exploring what life would be like if you just stopped having to have an answer. We work in a different world, it is related to shamanism, not the cultural quicksand of having to have all the answers and comparing ourselves to others. This path leads us to an understanding that love is really the most powerful therapeutic force. The system communicates this to us.

The pauses in the cycles get longer and longer as we practice. It is a lifetime journey. When the Long tide moves our mind, then we become centered in a different rate. It is where our attention is being moved to. Trust the tide and the tide frees the mind. It can then be a humble servant of creation. It changes us down to a cellular vibration. Spending time in the field each day heals us as practitioners. It takes us through our issues and teaches us about ourselves. We become less interested in our flaws, and more interested in holding the space of deep awareness. We need to let go of egotistical grasping, and allow ourselves to be moved by the phenomenon without being caught up in it.

Enjoy this process. Don’t be hard on yourself. Take your time. This isn’t something that you gain in minutes. This is about practice that lasts a lifetime.
This should give you a sense of Judah's teaching style, which I personally find very comfortable.

One of the most remarkable aspects of these DVDs are the graphic animations. Check out the YouTube videos below for a short sample of the animations.