The Empty Chair: The Teaching not the T-Shirt – Mike Boxhall

The Empty Chair

For decades Mike Boxhall has been conducting workshops that combine the practice of stillness with physical contact and deep trust in the movement of creative intelligence. At the request of his students he wrote down some of his ideas about the interface of spiritual practice, craniosacral therapy, and everyday life. “The Empty Chair: the Teaching not the T-shirt” is the result of that effort. This book is a classic in the field of craniosacral therapy. It is a distillation of insight gained from over forty years of exploration into the depth of the human condition, offering us hope and guidance for allowing the emergence of health into our present-time awareness.

This audiobook is an unabridged version, read by the author himself.

Chapter 1 – Deeper into Stillness
Chapter 2 – A Spiritual Path
Chapter 3 – Awareness
Chapter 4 – Attachment
Chapter 5 – Ordinary
Chapter 6 – The Bliss of Being Ordinary
Chapter 7 – Love and Fear
Chapter 8 – The Blessing of Insecurity
Chapter 9 – The Tide
Chapter 10 – Form and Emptiness
Chapter 11 – Change
Chapter 12 – Intelligence vs. Intellect
Chapter 13 – Craniosacral Therapy and Meditation
Chapter 14 – Essence and Age
Chapter 15 – Who Does the Work?
Chapter 16 – Doing Nothing
Chapter 17 – Teaching
Chapter 18 – Opening or Closing
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