Episode 76 – Robyn Scherr – Drop Your Agendas!

Robyn Scherr

Robyn Scherr is a diplomat-certified CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute, certified massage therapist in California, and listener favorite here on The Craniosacral Podcast. In today's episode she discusses the importance of dropping our personal agendas when working with clients, emphasizing the fact that the therapeutic interaction is primarily about the client's experience … and not our theories or personal preferences.

Robyn's website:

Robyn and Kate Mackinnon's article in Massage and Bodywork Magazine:
Broaden your Touch Repertoire

Research Articles:
The Communication of Emotion via Touch, DePauw Univ. and UCB

Effect of Continuous Touch on Brain Functional Connectivity Is Modified by the Operator’s Tactile Attention.
University of Cieti-Pescara, Italy. Well done research. Alternates between super science-y stuff and well-written descriptions.

Kate’s recent work on Compassionate Touch with the Jesse Lewis Foundation

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