Episode 50 – Michael Dunning – Reconsidering the Zones, Geographic Influences on The Tide, and Spiritual Health

Michael Dunning

Michael Dunning returns to the podcast to share more of his perspective on biodynamic practice and the spiritual life. In this interview he talks about his experience of geographic influences on Tidal expression and growing understanding of Zone C as the realm of eternity. We also discuss keeping the fluid body healthy, breaking perceptual habits, and much more.



Excerpt from “The Tides” by Fiona Macleod (William Sharp)

Flow and ebb, ebb and flow it is that ancient inexplicable mystery, the everlasting and unchanging rhythm which holds star to star in infinite procession, which lifts and lowers the poles of our sun-wheeling world, which compels the great oceans to arise and follow the mysterious bidding of the moon. It is wonderful that the moon travels along the equator at the rate of a thousand miles an hour: but more wonderful that these loose, formless, blind and insensate waters should awake at the touch of that pale hand, should move to it and follow it as the flocks of the hills to the voice of the shepherd.

Flow and ebb, ebb and flow . . . it is the utterance of the divine law, the eternal word of Order. It is life itself. What life is there, from the phosphorescent atom in the running wave to the enfranchised soul stepping westward beyond the twilights of time, that is not subject to this ineffable rhythmic law. The tides of the world, the tides of life: the grey sap, the red blood, the secret dews, the tameless seas, birth and death, the noons and midnights of the mind of man, the evening dusk and the morning glory of the soul . . . one and all move inevitably, and in one way: in one way come, and go, and come again.

“Mar a bha, . . . . . . . . ..As it was,
Mar a tha, . . . . . . . . . . .As it is,
Mar a bhitheas . . . . . .As it shall be
Gu brath . . . . . . . . . . …Evermore
Ri trĂ gadh, . . . . . . . . . .With the ebb,
‘S ri lionadh.” . . . . . . .With the flow.”

A downloadable archival scan of the original publication of this essay is available here.