Episode 33 – Robyn Scherr and Kate Mackinnon – Elements of a Successful Craniosacral Business

robyn scherr kate mackinnon

Two previous podcast guests, Robyn Scherr and Kate Mackinnon, return to discuss their online course “Elements of a Successful Craniosacral Business.” Their collaborative effort to help other practitioners build healthy craniosacral clinical practices is a smart and effective tool to get you up and running with a new practice or refine your existing business.

In the interview we talk about some of the material covered in their training and a few things Kate and Robyn have learned from coaching others in practice building and management. After following their last group of students closely as they worked through the 8-module class, I am really impressed with how concise and effective this program is.

More information about the class: www.livinginthebody.net/Classes

Robyn's site: www.livinginthebody.net

Kate's site: www.kmackinnon.com

John Chitty's Book about working with babies:
Hear John discuss its contents in Episode 2