Episode 143 – Susan Raffo – Healing Justice … for Minneapolis and the Broader World

Susan Raffo

Susan Raffo practices craniosacral therapy in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has studied with Hugh Milne, The Upledger Institute, and Body Intelligence. While cranial work is her primary modality for individual healing work, she largely sees the world through the lens of social justice. Of special interest to her is the exploration of where systems of power and oppression are held in the tissues of the body. She also facilitates groups and organizations in matters of conflict support and cultural change, and is passionate about healing justice for all people of color.  In this episode I ask Susan to share with us some of her perspective on what is happening on the ground in Minneapolis through her cultural lens. We also discuss the importance of taking a closer look at the roots of Osteopathy with a more sensitive and honest evaluation of the role of indigenous spirit in its birth.

Susan has removed her original resource documents (3/2021)